10 Wedding Trends We Want To See More Of In 2023!

Trends are a tricky thing! We see them come in and out of the wedding industry faster than a snap of your finger, but here are some trends that we think should stick around for awhile!

Lounge Sets 

Looking for a sweet way to add more of your style to your wedding day? Adding a lounge set area is the perfect place for guests to hang out and relax, and an even better spot to snap some adorable photos of you and your partner!

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Welcome Drinks

Need a little pick me up before the ceremony or reception gets started? Having a welcome drink station before your guests enter the spaces is the perfect touch. A water station is lovely outside of your ceremony as a little refresher after your guests have traveled from near and far. We like to save the fun for later, so having your specialty cocktails displayed for guests before the reception is a great way to welcome them to the party!

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Mix & match Textured Bridesmaid Dresses

We all LOVE different styles of bridesmaids dresses but even more when our brides include different shades and texture to their besties dresses. It adds a little more fun and creativity to your overall decor of your big day!

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April and Mike Raymond Photography

Textured & Colorful Suits

Burnt orange & velvet? If your bridesmaids can mix it up, why can’t your groom and groomsmen? Making those subtle colors of your decor pop with a beautifully colored suit can set your aesthetic to new heights! 

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Interactive Experiences 

Another way to capture the feeling of your wedding day is by hiring a live wedding painter. Seeing all of the little details come to life on a canvas is a feeling like no other. And is always a jaw dropping moment for your guests to enjoy. We have even seen experiences like “After the Tone” voicemails to leave to the lovely couple or on-site poetry writers!

Event Painting By Jamie l Alyssa Bunton Photography

Marquee Letters 

Talk about a photo op! Renting Marquee Letters can be a bold personalized touch for you and your guests to enjoy, and your photographer to enjoy even more!

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Bridal Dress Changes 

Leave your party in style! Finding that most perfect gown for your ceremony is essential but definitely keep in mind that it might be difficult to show your best dance moves with a long train. We love seeing our brides do a quick outfit change to finish out the night!

April and Mike Raymond Photography

Friends That Become Officiants

We are all for making your day as personalized as possible. One of the warmest ways to do so, is having someone that is important to you and your fiancé marry you! As long as they are ordained in the state you are tying the knot, it is such a sweet way for you and your guests to share your day! 

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Low Key Hair 

Want to feel your most authentic self on your wedding day? Ditching the crunchy, sprayed hair and sticking with a natural blow out, or beachy waves, or a high pony might be for you! We love seeing brides feeling their best and most beautiful on their wedding day! 

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Flash & Film Photography 

When you think wedding photography, dark backgrounds, flashy photos, and grainy film might not be your first thought, but it might just fit your style! Finding a photographer who can tell the story of your wedding day by capturing that extra warmth & personalization will keep you to treasure your photos for years to come.

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