Bringing Our Vision To Life

Bringing Our Vision to Life - The Lounge


The Lounge has been completed! It is ready to be used as a unique, entertaining place for half of the wedding party to get ready.

The plan for The Lounge was to create a space that was functional to prepare for the wedding day, but also have elements of relaxation and fun. We want this to be a place where lasting memories are made amongst friends and preparation photos are taken before a wedding ceremony.


We decided the perfect spot for The Lounge would be the garage attached to our office building. This garage room gave us the opportunity to create a unique space. Take a look at what we started with.... yellow and orange walls!


After we cleared out this space, a top priority was bringing in the rustic feel that the entire property has. We did this by first installing the wood textured floors. This crucial first step made the space have a lot warmer of a feel. We also added a carpet in part of the room to make it that much cozier and gave the entire space a new coat of paint to elevate the look.

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To make this space super functional, we created a spacious handicapped accessible bathroom and a shower room for the men to freshen up in. Both rooms are complete with reclaimed wood finishes and modern touches.

A big part of this renovation was adding the sliding barn doors in the back. This not only ties in the feel of the rest of the property, but also gives groomsmen a classy place to pose for pictures before the ceremony.


We wanted this space to be super relaxing, so we got big leather couches to put around the state-of-the-art flat screen TV. To make getting ready that much more fun, we also installed a game console for you to play. Tying that area together is a beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table.

The  garage door opens up to a beautiful patio where everyone can hang out outside.

The space would not be complete without the iconic billiards table. Playing a round of pool is the perfect way to unwind before the big day with your friends and family.


Along the new row of windows, beautifully trimmed with wood, we installed a reclaimed wood counter. With high-top chairs along it, this is a great spot to sit and admire the beautiful landscape in the Spring or Summer.


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An important detail is that the room is equipped with heating and air conditioning, although this is a converted garage. We want you to feel great for your special day!

If you are looking for a wedding venue that offers a comfortable space for not only the bride to get ready, but also the groom, we hope to see you visit Rosewood Farms!