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Jenna & Josh - Sept. 14, 2019 - Navy and Blush Greenery Dreams


Jenna and Josh had a gorgeous wedding here at Rosewood last fall! You could feel the immense love of everyone gathered on the property, which made the day flow effortlessly. A beautiful mix of navy, blush, and greenery created an absolute dream.
Let's check it out!


Let’s hear about the Jenna & Josh's floral choices and how this all got started!

“Josh and I first met at daycare when we were little and the woman who watched us, Mom Mom Shirley, always had a ton of blue, pink, and white hydrangea bushes in her backyard. She was always out attending to her flowers and any time he buys me flowers they’re always hydrangeas."  How cute is that?!

"They were the first thing I wanted to implement as far as florals and it all just flowed together. I didn’t want the colors I chose to be too much for the space."


"You have created such a unique venue that isn’t overpowering and allows for that use of creativity and color. My florist, Linda, sat with me and worked with me on each individual flower and introduced a little more color than I originally intended.” Each flower is unique but blends together so perfectly and lends romance to the atmosphere.


As far as colors go... Jenna says, “I always knew what I wanted. Originally black was the idea, but blue is my favorite color and easier for September. I’m a very neutral person and I hate the color pink, but when I was working with my palette I knew that pink was something that would be feminine and soften the colors. I have a background in art so I knew greens, golds, and pinks work so well together."


Jenna's family and closest friends worked to help make sure that the day went off without a hitch! As Jenna calls it, her "Lady Gang" took charge with everything from decor to emotional support.


A first look with Jenna's parents so emotional and sweet!


"My mom surprised me with furniture and worked with my planner, Hannah, to arrange it for me. I had no clue before I came around the corner and saw it in the Courtyard!

It was all placed outside and, being unsure of the weather, I was thankful to have choices. Rosewood has so many options regardless of what could happen with the weather.


As a bride, you're so focused on making all of it happen in your head that sometimes guests see it before the bride even sees it. Later on, I had people send me their pictures they took on the furniture! It was fun to see it from my guests perspective.

Mom and Hannah (from Hannah Belle Events) were sneaky. So many guests took photos on the set up and loved the idea!"


“I knew that the way the venue is set up, really speaks for itself… I would have gotten married on the tour! I really wanted to keep it simple and understated, and that’s where florals for the ceremony came in.”


"I told Linda (from Blush Floral Design Studio) that I wanted the barn doors to be the focal point at the end of the aisle. To help create the look, we placed large floral pieces at the beginning of the aisle to give the illusion of a triangle. This allowed the front center to have some perspective, as the space really does speak for itself."


Jenna and Josh had a beautiful welcome sign for their ceremony. The bride did something a little unique and used pressed flowers to create the piece herself!


"We decided the favors would be Old Bay which is more geared toward Josh. He was a commercial water-man for two years, and was constantly crabbing. Josh’s father, uncle, and cousin all worked at McCormick, so we wanted to make it personal. My Lady Gang bought the little jars and I created the tags and stickers!"


The guest tables were simple, yet beautiful. Jenna said, "the tablescape was difficult because I didn’t want to overwhelm the space, but still make them noticeable." We think Jenna and her vendor team did a great job!


Jenna’s favorite part of her decor was the fireplace in the Rose Barn. It has a touching and very special meaning. Jenna’s mom, aunt, and florist made the fireplace an absolute  success! She gave them some decorative freedom, so statement floral pieces and a variety of candles were brought in. They also placed photos of passed relatives and made the most of the understated backdrop.


Jenna wanted the venue to speak for itself. She said, “every detail turned out beautiful and we are so lucky.”


"A funny story from our wedding is our chair signs... It’s a Lumineers song and it’s actually wrong! You build and build and even things that go wrong, don’t feel wrong on the day."

Even thought the signs weren't correct, there was still a lot of meaning behind them. "Josh and I used to listen to this song together and we would say it to each other randomly. We wanted chair signs but didn’t want something traditional so when it came time to make them that’s what we chose. Josh said it to me one day leaving the house and I knew that was it."


"The first decision we made together was about the wedding cake. We both knew we wanted Funfetti cake, but still classy. Since we started dating in college and I was at Salisbury, all our friends always made Funfetti cupcakes for any get together. I don’t know why, but it just stuck. The cake was simple and we matched the flowers that were in my bouquet. I wanted a naked cake because Josh loves icing and I hate icing... so we compromised and came up with something in between."


Another detail is the cake topper. It was a surprise from Jenna's sister portraying Josh in his dress blues, as he was in the Marine Corps.

After the wedding, they were so excited that they ate the rest of their wedding cake that same night and had a bottle of champagne from the wedding.

Jenna's cake advice? "Make sure you get any leftover cake. Protect your cake."


Lastly, some advice from the couple:

Jenna's biggest advice when it comes to planning your wedding, is to work closely with your photographer to make sure your favorite spots are captured!


"Make sure to check out the venue and tell your photographer areas that you LOVE. There are certain aspects of the venue that are special to the bride and groom. Your photographer will know how to make that happen and won’t let it slip by. All my photos turned out beautiful and very natural (Karen Rainier Photography). Pictures last forever and it is wise to be planning with your photographer!"


Jenna and Josh will be celebrating their one year anniversary soon, so we also asked her to share some advice on the first year of marriage.

"For us, planning the wedding was our main focus for the moments leading up to it. So, when the wedding was done, we had to make a point to get into the mindset of being married. It was stressful at times but best thing is that we continued to remember that secure feeling of having a forever partner.

We've been together for 13 years, but marriage is next level... and then throw a pandemic in there! When you are best friends, you have respect for each other. You help each other laugh. We’ve grown more patient knowing we have that foundation of friendship.


Jenna and Josh, we are so happy that you had such a wonderful experience. Your wedding day was absolutely stunning!


Photography | Karen Rainier Photography
Planner | Hannah Belle Events
Catering | Chef's Expressions
Florals | Blush Floral Design Studio
DJ | 4Most Sound
Hair | Bella Amici Salon
Make Up | M. Elizabeth Makeup Artistry
Transportation | Delaware Express
Hotel | Four Points Sheraton Newark