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Vendor Spotlight: Stacy Hart Photography

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In this blog, we’ve chosen to showcase one of our favorite photographers, Stacy Hart. After sitting down with Stacy, we learned a lot about her business and passion for photography. She has done an amazing job capturing the essence of Rosewood Farms in all of the pictures below.

Stacy has always had an interest in photography, but it wasn’t until she bought a camera in college that her passion really took off. All self - taught, she began developing her skills during this time.

Once Stacy joined the military, her interest and skill deepened even further. While she was traveling all over the world, she took advantage of this opportunity to capture photos of the unique places she was seeing.


Her love for photography has continued to grow because it is always different and challenging. She is constantly learning and developing herself as an artist. She is captivated by light and the ability to capture it in a photo. She is always able to discover light and palettes in a new way that creates engaging photographs.

Stacy began to pursue a profession in photography after having her daughter in 2010. Unhappy with her corporate job, she decided to quit and start her own business. Stacy credits her husband with being her biggest supporter, pushing her and encouraging her to pursue her dreams and believe in herself.

As she began her professional career, she explored all different types of photography including family shoots and events, in addition to weddings. Stacy enjoys shooting weddings for her love of relationships. She has been blessed in her marriage of 11 years, so she sees herself as a “marriage cheerleader.”It’s wonderful to see a budding relationship from the perspective of a more matured one, and she feels honored to witness and contribute to someone else’s love story, while being a calming force throughout their wedding day.

For Stacy, photography is about capturing emotion. She sees her job as creating lasting heirlooms for families, that will be treasured for years to come. Her favorite shot to capture during a wedding is about 20 minutes after the first look. She loves the intimate relaxation and contentment that comes as a couple’s commitment to one another sinks in. Stacy also loves father-daughter and mother-son moments as she can envision these with her and her husband and their own children in the future.


Stacy finds both the Rustic Barn and the Rose Barn gorgeous backdrops for weddings and photographs.

But according to her,  Rosewood Farms’ “unique little gem” is The Suite. She is obsessed with the light that streams in from its many windows and its wide open spaces. This combined with its clean color palette provides many great photo opportunities.


She also enjoys shooting in the Lower Level of the Rustic Barn. The washed brick and colors of the space allow for light and depth in the images.


Stacy describes her photography style as “light and rich.” Many photographers go for a “light and airy” feeling in their images. She loves the lightness in her photographs, but she also goes beyond that to capture tones and depths that are much more intense. In doing so, she is able to capture more emotion and feeling in her photos.


Stacy will always continue her love and appreciation for photography because of her relationships with her clients. It is a very special dynamic to be invited into someone’s relationship to develop it into photographs, and she loves to see everything she envisions from behind the lens come to fruition at the end of the process.