Centerpiece Inspiration

When it comes to centerpieces, the options are almost endless! With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming making a decision. Whether you feel as though you have too many choices, or not enough, we’ve chosen some of our favorite centerpiece designs to help!

Candle Arrangements

Candles are the perfect way to add a little warmth and ambiance to the room without turning on all the lights. Have the candles floating in water, in pillars, or in holders—either way, these centerpieces are stunning and romantic. Plus, your guests can enjoy dinner and easily chat without having to crane their necks to see over your massive centerpieces! Want to spice them up? Add some greenery or small florals too!

Addison George Photography
April and Mike Raymond Photography

Repurposed Bouquets

Wondering what you’re supposed to do with all the bouquets from your bridal party once the ceremony is over? Put them on the tables! Not only will guests love seeing them up close, but you won’t have to spend extra money on so many centerpieces!

Alyssa Bunton Photography

Elevated Centerpieces

Want something eye-catching that photographs well? Raised centerpieces are the perfect option for you! Even if you decide not to put one on every table, they can completely transform the space.

Alyssa Bunton Photography
Kira Nicole Photography
Alyssa Bunton Photography