Designing the Perfect Flat Lay

We know that even the smallest elements of your wedding can seem stressful, especially when you’re working so hard to make sure every aspect of your wedding day is perfect. A flat lay photo is taken from a birds eye view that incorporates little elements of your wedding, arranged artfully to encapsulate your vision. Your photographer will work with you and use their experience to capture your aesthetic, but it never hurts to have ideas prepared!

Addison George Photography

In the flat lay above, Alexa and Brandon’s dusty fall color pallet is perfectly orchestrated in their invitations. Using loose florals, Addison George Photography artfully set off-white chiffon fringe ribbon and personalized initial stamp and a dark mauve wax. The addition of the engagement ring, two wedding bands, and earrings gives those pieces that added spotlight that they deserve. The butterfly and floral postage stamps are a timeless touch on how smallest of details make all of the difference!

Alyssa Bunton Photography

One trend in flat lays we’ve been seeing and really love is having your stationary customized by artists on Etsy to really showcase your theme! We adore the way our property is featured here and how it ties in perfectly to the couple’s aesthetic. Some of the stationary seen here includes a program, menu, invitation, and save the dates. While these elements may not be right for every wedding, stationary can be a really nice way to make sure that your day is polished and organized.

Sarah Canning Photography

In this flat lay, we see a similar design as previous, with lots of stationary, a few florals, and a golden pearled barrette to add a little sparkle! It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be stunning!

Sidney Leigh Photography

What we love about this flat lay is all the unique touches added here! The postage stamps, candles, and wax sealers are a really different from what we see often and ties the couple’s personalities and history into the photo.

April and Mike Raymond Photography

Last, but not least, we have wedding shoes! Why not showcase the shoes that you spent so long searching for? They make a great addition to flay lays by adding a little more detail and tying in elements. Here, we love how the pearls on the shoe tie into the halo around the locket and wedding band! 

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