First Looks and Why You Should Do One On Your Wedding Day!

Some wedding day traditions never go out of style like beautiful floral arrangements or candlelit dinners. We love when couples see each other for the first time walking down the aisle, but first looks have been all the rave in recent years! 

Here are some reasons we think you should do a first look! 

Intimate Time With Your Significant Other 

Your wedding day will go by a lot faster than you think…and the time that you realistically get with your partner on the day feels even shorter. Soaking up every moment the two of you have alone together is super important! 

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Calms the Nerves 

We know that being the center of attention in front of all of your friends and family can be pretty nerve racking, why have one more thing to be nervous about during your ceremony? Seeing your significant other before saying “I do” can help the two of you find comfort in all the craziness of your wedding day! 

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More Time for Photos

Since the two of you already saw each other before the ceremony, you will have so much more time to have your photographer take all of your bridal party, immediate family, and even portrait shots if you factor in enough time! 

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You Can Enjoy Cocktail Hour

Hors d’Oeuvres and cocktails?? With mostly all of your arranged photos finished before the ceremony, you can actually enjoy your cocktail hour and get to mingle with all of your guests that came to celebrate your big day with you! 

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Of course, the moment you and your fiancé see either on your big day will be beautiful and memorable either way! There is no right or wrong answer, but a first look is definitely something that the two of you should consider when forming your timeline!