Lib’s Catering

“Caterers That Care”

Lib’s Catering cares about your event, your experience, and your day at Rosewood Farms!

W H A T   T O   K N O W

Lib’s Catering cares about your event, your experience, your day! We specialize in personalized, full-service catering so that you can focus on the moments you won’t want to forget.

We practice virtues and business philosophies that are simple in theory and challenging through discipline. We pride ourselves on being "Good People, Serving Good Food to Other Good People". We believe that the largest competitive advantage is that "We Care....A Lot". The only way to care like we care is to start with people! We put people first! 

We are focused on unmatched hospitality in an effort to create lasting experiences. The team focuses on chef inspired cuisines not limited to just Italian but all types of inspirations to create the ultimate dining event. By expanding past our brick and mortar restaurants we are able to broaden our community reach and truly entrench ourselves throughout the Maryland area.

The Lib’s Catering wedding packages can be tailored to fit your vision and budget!
For an all-inclusive menu with staffing, dinnerware, linens and food (no alcohol/soft drinks), the Lib’s Catering packages begin anywhere from $100 - $135 per person.
Sample Menus

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